“You’re Probably Going to Need Medicaid”

You’re Probably Going to Need Medicaid,” by David Grabowski, Jonathan Gruber and Vincent Mor, New York Times

“Roughly one in three people now turning 65 will require nursing home care at some point during his or her life. Over three-quarters of long-stay nursing home residents will eventually be covered by Medicaid. Many American voters think Medicaid is only for low-income adults and their children – for people who aren’t ‘like them.’ But Medicaid is not ‘somebody else’s’ insurance. It is insurance for all of our mothers and fathers and, eventually, for ourselves.”

LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):
Note the middle of the three authors. This is the guy who said ObamaCare passed because of the American people’s stupidity. Now he and his co-authors are using scare tactics and specious reasoning to defend the Medicaid LTC financing mess that hurts the poor and traps the middle class in welfare-financed nursing homes. See our reports here for better ways.

You’re Probably Going to Need Medicaid