You Can Avoid LTCi Application Pitfalls

Did You Know?

You can avoid these LTCi application pitfalls
It’s a jungle out there. There’s a lot for you to remember, and LTCi is a complicated product. And you certainly don’t want to get through the sales process only to have the application declined, postponed, or withdrawn.

Mutual of Omaha’s underwriting team offers these tips to help you avoid LTCi application pitfalls:

  • If clients haven’t had a physical and lab work in the past 2 years, there’s no way to know if they’re healthy. Mutual of Omaha will not be able to insure someone who has not met this requirement. For age 30-64, an assessment is required. For age 65+, a physical exam is required along with lab work. If the client has not met the requirement, they can schedule an exam with their doctor during the underwriting process.
  • Use the build chart in the LTC Underwriting Guide to quote appropriately.
  • If your clients have pending tests, procedures, labs, surgery or physical therapy, wait until the they’re fully recovered before taking an app.
  • If a biological parent or sibling has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, quote “select.” (The max monthly benefit is $5,000 and the policy limit max is $300,000.) If the client has a 2-person biological parent or sibling history, they will not be able to secure LTCi insurance.
  • Be sure to disclose that there may be a health interview, MIB, prescription drug check, etc., to encourage clients to be up-front on the app.
  • Make it a practice to prescreen your apps. You’ll get advice from an underwriter on whether to submit an app as well as what rate to quote.
  • Use the e-App. It’s quicker, easier and you’ll be confident everything’s in good order.

The underwriting team is your first line of defense against application pitfalls. They can help guide you through the process, so you know whether to submit an application and at what rate class or benefits to quote. Simply email the team at

You Can Avoid LTCi Application Pitfalls