“Women 80% More Likely Than Men to be Impoverished in Retirement, ” Advisor Magazine

“For women age 65 and older, the data indicate that their typical income is 25 percent lower than men. As men and women age, men’s income advantage widens to 44 percent by age 80 and older. Consequently, women were 80 percent more likely than men to be impoverished at age 65 and older, while women age 75 to 79 were three times more likely to fall below the poverty level as compared to their male counterparts. These findings are contained in a new report, Shortchanged in Retirement, The Continuing Challenges to Women’s Financial Future. The report is available here.”

LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):
Women’s providing and receiving most long-term care is part of the problem. Fixing LTC service delivery and financing should have been part of the proposed solutions, but wasn’t.

Women 80% More Likely Than Men to be Impoverished in Retirement