“Where Are the Gray Panthers”

Where Are the Gray Panthers,” by Steve Monroe, The Senior Care Investor



“Where are the Gray Panthers when you need them? Many of you may not remember this 1970s activist group that got its start when someone really objected to forced retirement at 65. This was a full 50 years ago today.

“As winter approaches and senior living providers prepare for another round of potential shutdowns, lockdowns, admission and tour bans because this pandemic is not going away, when will our senior citizens rise up and revolt? Senior living communities are ‘their’ homes, and it is about time they stood up and said, hands off our homes.

“Yes, we understand safety is an issue, but if COVID can be mostly contained at a school, where kids (bless them) may not be as mature about social distancing and wearing masks as their elders, it can be contained, or at least managed, in a senior living community. This is especially true given how much more we know about it than the darks days of March and April.

“It just surprises me that senior citizens have not been more vocal about their rights, like students, football dads and restaurant owners have been. While safety has been the focus, what about life, and living?

“Where is AARP when seniors need it? The silence is deafening.”


LTC Comment:

I’ll bet Gray Panthers founder Maggie Kuhn is rolling in her grave over this. Thanks to Steve Monroe of Irving Levin Associates and The Senior Care Investor for this analysis. To follow Steve’s weekly “60 Seconds with Steve Monroe” program, subscribe here.