When You Think of Us, Think ‘Age Last Birthday’

Many companies set premium rates based on an applicant’s nearest birthday rather than using their actual age. Using age last birthday can:

  • Save your clients when it comes to premium: The client is paying a premium based on their current age, not on the age they will be.
  • Result in fewer underwriting tests: Underwriting requirements are based on age, so the client may have fewer tests when basing the requirements on the client’s current age. Less tests can help save your clients time.

For the best possible rates, be sure you use your client’s date of birth when quoting United of Omaha products within WinFlex.

Do you have questions about the age last birthday advantage? Call GoldenCare at 800-842-7799 or Mutual of Omaha’s Sales Team at 800-693-6083.

When You Think of Us, Think ‘Age Last Birthday’