What you need to know before you submit a DI application

You have met with your client, you have determined the need and the correct coverage, now its time to complete the application. A few things to keep in mind before your submit your application.

Top things to watch for before submitting the application:

  • What is your client’s build? — Refer to the build chart to make sure your client is within the height and weight requirements
  • Does your client have any Uninsurable Medical Conditions? — Ask the tough questions of their medical conditions to determine if their condition is on the uninsurable medical condition list
  • Are they working and do they meet the Income Qualifications? — Clients must be working a minimum of 30 hours per week in an approved occupation to qualify for coverage.
  • What is their occupation? — Some more hazardous occupations are uninsurable and do not qualify for coverage

Your quick reference guide to submitting applications that are within the underwriting guidelines of our Mutual Income Solutions product will not only increase your placement rate but will also help with an easy application process for your client.

What you need to know before you submit a DI application