What You Can/Can’t Do This AEP

Do’s & Don’ts of AEP

Even with the Annual Enrollment Period yet to officially start, this time of year can become VERY  hectic… VERY QUICKLY!

We want to keep you informed, and provide you with a quick reminder of the Do’s and Don’ts of this AEP:

Marketing During Pre-AEP
There are many interpretations of the marketing regulations during Pre-AEP. Here are a few tips to help keep you compliant:
You CAN:

  • Educate consumers by providing plan information
  • Conduct marketing activities as long as you don’t “receive” or “solicit” an application
  • Leave an application with the client for them to fill out and submit after Oct. 15th  (Don’t write agent name ornumber on the app)
  • Host Marketing/Sales Events


  • Receive/Accept/Solicit an enrollment form prior to Oct. 15th
  • Write your name or writing number on an application prior to Oct. 15th
    Remember, any enrollment form received before Oct. 15th with any indication of agent involvement (i.e. Agent name or writing #) will be investigated by the respective Carrier.

Keep in mind each Carrier has their own interpretations of the Pre-AEP guidelines. So for Carrier-specific information on their Do’s and Don’ts, contact your Regional Director or state marketer.

Questions? Contact GoldenCare at 800-842-7799, or email marketing@goldencareusa.com.