“Welcome to 2020 Impact Week: Long Term Care”


How To Plan For Nursing Home And Long-Term Care Costs,” by Michael Korsinsky, Lawyer.com


“Join us for Impact Week: Long Term Care, November 10-12 from 12-3 pm eastern, daily. Recent events have led to a not-so-happy thought occurring to many Americans as they make their way through this uniquely challenging year. We are hearing words like; ‘sandwich generation impact,’ ‘income planning,’ ‘retirement impact,’ ‘rising health care costs,’ ‘technology transformation,’ ‘Hybrid, Combo, Linked,’ etc. As a result, every American seems to have a story to tell about the impact that extended or long-term care has had or is having on their family. Small and large towns, cities, and counties alike are looking to you for information and help. We will cover a broad range of topics that speak to current successes, emerging issues, leveraging technology workflows and customer communications across acquisition, onboarding and service. Top executive leadership will look to the future of the extended and long term care industry. Where do we see it growing, stalling, changing distribution models or creating products? How are major insurers responding? How are distributors and specialists responding? How are consumers and clients responding? How are you responding?”



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