Washington State Sales Reminder | Holiday Hours

State of Washington LTC sales resume with limitations. Quote software updated to reflect WA limits.

Beginning Nov. 20, Thrivent is once again accepting long-term care (LTC) applications for the state of Washington.

What you need to know

  • The $3,000 minimum monthly benefit that was in place immediately prior to suspension of Washington LTC sales will remain.
  • The minimum contract holder age will go back to age 18.
  • Because we cannot make the effective date a date other than the application date or issue date, LTC contracts sold in Washington going forward will not be eligible for the Washington Cares Act exemption.
  • On 11/20, e-Apps and illustrations again became available for Washington, with error messages appearing when trying to quote less than a $3,000 monthly benefit (see below)

iPipeline/iGO error message for WA
If a user attempts to run a Washington illustration with less than the $3,000 minimum monthly benefit, they will get an error indicating the ledger failed to generate which will stop them from getting to the e-App.

Thrivent iPipeline/iGO error message

The Quick Calc option will likewise not generate any premiums for those scenarios.

Stratecision error message for WA
For those using Stratecision’s LTCQuote or LTCWebQuote comparison tools, you will see that Washington comparisons are again available. Please note that instead of eliminating anything below the $3,000 minimum monthly benefit, for the short-term they have the following pop-up message.

Thrivent iPipeline/iGO error message

Holiday Schedule

Thrivent LTCi and our partners at LTCG (our underwriters and new business support), will be closed on Thanksgiving and on Friday the 26th.

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