Washington State New Business

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Washington State New Business

Beginning November 1, 2021, NGL will begin accepting new applications from Washington State. Due to the demand for LTC planning the Washington Cares Fund continues to generate, NGL has made the decision to place the following temporary minimums on all new Washington State applications:

  • $3,000 annual lifetime premium
    – Modal equivalents – $1,560 semiannual, $810 quarterly, $263 monthly
  • $6,000 annual 10-Year premium
    – Modal equivalents – $3,120 semiannual, $1,620 quarterly, $525 monthly
  • $30,000 single premium

Joint applications are subject to these minimums per application, not per applicant. Applications that do not meet the minimums listed above will not be processed.

Backdating Washington State applications will not be allowed until December 1, 2021.​​​​ We will evaluate new business trends throughout November and adjust premium minimums accordingly.

As a reminder:

  • Washington is a pre-appointment state. Agents must be fully appointed prior to soliciting an application.
  • There will be a full chargeback of commissions for policies if premium is not paid for the second year of coverage.
  • Washington applicants must have been seen by a physician in the last 24 months. Parameds will not be ordered in place of this.

We thank you for your collaboration during this unprecedented time, and as always, we thank you for your business!

For agent inquiries contact your dedicated NGL Agent Services Team at 888.505.2332 or status@ngl-essentialltc.com. For sales questions contact the NGL Long-Term Care Sales Team at LTC@nglic.com.

Washington State New Business


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