USPS Mail Delays

You may have noticed substantial delays with the mail you receive through the US Postal Service (USPS). One of our concerns related to our business is the potential delay between the time mail is postmarked and the time it is received. This could cause issues for customers who receive renewal notices and pay premiums by mail.

With that in mind, the Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) has issued Bulletin 21–08 to direct agents and advisors to work with policyholders affected by this type of delay. The MIA asks agents and advisors to actively monitor and implement measures to avoid, to the greatest extent possible, non-pay cancellations and non-renewals resulting from the failure to make payments that could be attributed to mail delivery delays.

Mailing in a payment may still be the preferred method for many, but please remind your clients there are other options (depending on the product they own). If you have any questions about alternative payment methods, contact your Transamerica Support team.

To do our part, Transamerica will:

  • Notify policyholders of the MIA bulletin and USPS delays by mail.
  • Review our current procedures for cancellations, renewal, and premium payments to determine if updates are needed to comply with MIA guidelines.
  • Reinstate policies without a lapse when it appears that mailing delays may be responsible for coverage termination.

For more information on the MIA bulletin, please visit the bulletin on the MIA website.

USPS Mail Delays

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