Update to the Premier Underwriting Guide

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Update to the Premier Underwriting Guide

At NGL, we adapt our LTCi underwriting practices as medical science continues to evolve and more information becomes available. We have identified scenarios where it may be acceptable for an applicant to have two first-degree relatives with dementia.

It is now recommending that you prequalify these scenarios with the type of dementia, the age of onset of symptoms and the age of diagnosis. Some scenarios may be acceptable and others will not, depending on the details. We have updated our Premier Underwriting Guide to reflect this.

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We also updated the lists of Clearly Uninsurable Combinations and Probable Uninsurable Combinations on pages four and five for additional clarity.

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The updated guide is available on the Agent Resource Center under Reference Guides in the Sales & Marketing tab. Click here to download a PDF copy of the Premier Underwriting Guide.

For agent inquires contact your dedicated NGL Agent Services Team at 888.505.2332 or status@ngl-essentialltc.com. For sales questions contact the Long Term Care Sales Team at LTC@nglic.com.

Update to the Premier Underwriting Guide

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