United Security Assurance – What does LTCi cost?

Long Term Care Insurance

What is the cost?

The cost of a nursing facility and home health care varies by state, but the following statistics are based on a national average.

Skilled Nursing Facility: $253/day; $7,689/month (private room)
$225/day; $6,844/month (semi-private room)
Assisted Living Facility: $119/day; $3,628/month (1 Bedroom Unit)
Home Health Care: $20.50/hour (Home Health Aid)
$20/hour (Homemaker/companion)
Adult Day Care: $68/day

According to Medicare, approximately 43% of people over the age of 65 are likely to spend some time in a nursing home; of these, 24% will be there less than one year.

  • Average stay in a nursing home for acute rehabilitation — 23 days (Only 9% of nursing home patients fall into this category)

According to the National Nursing Home Survey:

  • Average length of stay for patients currently  in nursing homes is 892 days, or 2.44 years.
  • Average length of stay for those patients who are able to be discharged is 272 days, or approximately 9 months.
  • Average length of stay for patients who die in a skilled nursing facility is just under two years.
  • Females spend slightly more time in nursing homes than do males, 2.51 years compared to 2.29 years.

Do the math: if someone is in a nursing facility for more than an acute rehabilitation situation, it can be quite costly. Based on the semi-private skilled nursing facility rate above, for a stay of two years (730 days), the nursing home bill will be $164,250.00 for the room and nursing services. This does not include extra fees and amenities such as television, phone and other supplies not covered by Medicare. Remember, Medicare doesn’t cover all cost, so having long term care insurance and/or home health care insurance is very important to reduce out-of-pocket expenses incurred by your clients. Insuring to cost share vs. cover entire costs may help place a case.

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United Security Assurance – What does LTCi cost?