Turn DI Objections into Sales

Whether you’re a new or seasoned producer selling disability income insurance you should be aware of reasons people think they don’t need this essential coverage. The key is to be prepared for anything a prospective client might say.

Objection: “Nothing will happen to me. I don’t need DI.”

It’s probably human nature to think like this. However, clients who raise this objection simply are not facing reality of losing their income. If your client missed three months’ worth of income, how would they pay their expenses? As an insurance professional looking out for your client’s best interests, it’s your job to help them understand that every person is vulnerable to disability and DI coverage is the best way to protect their salary.
Objection: “I don’t have the money to pay for it now.”

With this objection, the client is making your case for you. Ask your client that if they don’t have the money to pay a DI premium, how will they pay their bills if they become disabled?

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Turn DI Objections into Sales