You’re Invited! | GoldenCare Insights – Tom Randall: Success in 2023

GoldenCare Insights with Tom Randall: Success in 2023

More than covering Industry changes over just the past year, we’re sharing
insights and trends seen over the past several years!

Join our very own Tom Randall, National Marketing Director, as he shares his
thoughts and perspective on the LTCi industry, with details on the trends being seen
and insights on how GoldenCare is positioned to help you succeed.

We’ll be giving away some Gift Cards during the webinar.  This is sure to be an exciting event!

PLUS: We’ll discuss a brand-new product coming in 2023 that is sure to make waves!

Wed, Jan 4, 2023 2:00 PM  to  2:45 PM CST





Questions or help registering? Call the GoldenCare Marketing Team at 800-842-7799!

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