Tips to DI Underwriting Success

The more you know about DI underwriting, the easier it will be to get applications issued faster. That’s why we created a series of DI success tips that focus specifically on underwriting. This tip focuses on avoiding common application mistakes.

On a DI application, these are the most often missed questions:

  • Tobacco and nicotine replacement
  • Unearned income
  • Other inforce coverage

Make sure these questions are answered before the application is submitted.

Give specific information on employment information. Don’t just list the job title, but include the job setting and duties. Also, for medications, list the specific medical condition or diagnosis for each, avoiding general phrases.

The more complete your applications are when submitted, the quicker your clients will be issued coverage.

For more information on the DI success underwriting tips, click here.

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Tips to DI Underwriting Success