Thrivent LTCi – New Underwriting Process Brochure

Revised version of Consumer Underwriting Brochure

Thrivent Rebranded Your Underwriting Process brochureThrough the end of the year, Thrivent will be revising their consumer marketing pieces to align with their re-branding initiative.

The first piece to be revised is “Your Underwriting Process” (#34902). This piece will be replacing the old “What to Expect” brochure (#27881).

Note: the underwriting requirements and process have not changed, so for the short term, either version of the brochure can be used while replacements are made across various platforms:

  • FormsPipe on iPipeline: In the near future, this will be replaced in the client leave behind materials in the downloadable application packets.
  • Quote software and e-App on iGo: This will eventually replace the older version that is generated in the illustrations, and that is part of the client materials in the e-App.
  • This document has already been updated on our materials hub for agents appointed with Thrivent. It is download-only at this point and is not available to order in print.

If you have version #27881 saved anywhere, please replace it with #34902, which can be downloaded below or accessed via


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