Thrivent licensing reminder: States requiring pre-appointment or a fraternal license before selling

Licensing reminder—Plan ahead for states requiring preappointment or a fraternal license

Thrivent checklist image thumbnailWhile Thrivent has just in time appointment for most states, there are three states where an agent must be appointed before taking an app. There are also four states that require an advisor to have a fraternal license to sell Thrivent products.

Appointments: Thrivent currently requires pre-appointments in GA, PA and WI.

Fraternal Licenses: Four states (CT, DE, MA and NM) require a Fraternal License prior to being appointed with Thrivent. Obtaining a fraternal license is relatively easy and requires only a nominal fee. Please allow for additional time if obtaining a Massachusetts fraternal license as they do not allow for online applications for the fraternal license.

Fraternal Licenses


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