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First and foremost, on the behalf of all of us here at SureBridge, I would like to thank you for your business. We are very appreciative of the business you have placed and continue to place with us, and we value your commitment and partnership. We also remain committed to providing the quality of service you have come to expect.

Due to the merging of operational systems and record volumes of new business, our agent and client services are experiencing delays in service times. In response, we have taken measures to ensure your business is handled properly and expediently. Our staff is working overtime, nights, and weekends. We have added temporary staff and re-assigned assets from other departments to assist in overcoming these delays. We have instituted a triage call group of legacy reps to handle voicemails and mainframe calls. Our IT assets are helping us with the automation of several functions. We are up-skill training additional reps to support the triage group. We have also added employees to handle payments and cancellations.

I assure you the delays you are currently experiencing with agent and client service calls are not our standard, and with the changes mentioned above, we are seeing the immediate impact and we hope to reign in these delays very soon.

I want to thank you for your patience and trust in Surebridge as you continue to work with us through these challenges. Your commitment to your clients and your partnership with us is truly appreciated.

Please be sure to utilize our self-service portal for faster service with some requests. Many changes/inquiries can be made on the self-service tool at (or for customers and agents.

Jeff Spain, SVP Sales, Surebridge

Contact SureBridge Producer Support by calling 888-797-4447, or by emailing:

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