StrateCision Comparison Tool

LTC Advisor is a state-of-the-art system for advising clients on long term care insurance. Using your computer, you have at your fingertips:

A sales tool for insurance professionals
A training and reference tool on all aspects of LTC insurance
A competitive analysis tool for comparing policies

Tips on using the StrateCision Comparison Tool:

  • For the most accurate comparisons, put the most complex plans first (ie:  Mutual of Omaha)
  • At the bottom of the “Agent/User Information” screen, choose between WebQuote  & WebAdvisor
  • Once satisfied with your comparison, Print  or Print to PDF – general access prevents saving progress
  • Periods of no activity may cause the StrateCision tool to time-out, requiring you to start over
  • Up to 4 carriers can be compared side-by-side for one applicant; Up to 3 carriers for couples/partners
  • Get To Know Your Competition: WebAdvisor  allows you to compare policy features & rider options

This tool will not work on certain devices and tablets. System Requirements