Stay Up to Date on Compensation Schedules

With year-end just around the corner, we want to remind you to validate that your correct address(es) are available on our systems. Please sign in to your Sales Professional Access (SPA) account to review and, if needed, to update your addresses and any other outdated personal information.

It is especially important that your home address is updated as soon as possible as we use your home address when mailing your 1099-Misc form in early 2018.

Throughout the year, we also use the email or physical address on your account to send out communications regarding Compensation Schedule changes, including commission rate changes, compliance changes, and more.

When your mailing addresses are not kept current, it results in returned mail. Effectively immediately, any compensation related mail returned to Mutual of Omaha due to an address discrepancy will be noted as returned mail, and we will discontinue sending out future commission schedule communications until valid addresses are available.

Please contact Producer Services via email at should you have questions about your address or email address. You may also send an email to or call 1-800-475-4465, if you have questions regarding your compensation.

Stay Up to Date on Compensation Schedules