Important Announcement | Mutual of Omaha LTC Issue Age Restriction Lifted in Additional States

Important Update

LTC Issue Age Restriction Lifted in Additional States

Mutual of Omaha is pleased to announce we are lifting restrictions for LTC applications age 65 and over in additional states effective July 6, 2020. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions document for a current list of all states and effective dates.

• Connecticut
• District of Columbia
• Illinois
• Massachusetts
• Michigan
• New Jersey
• New York
• Rhode Island

We will continue to evaluate lifting the restrictions for additional states. Until then, all remaining states will continue to follow the temporary guidelines and processes outlined in our previous temporary underwriting guideline communication.

REMINDER: As you begin submitting your 65+ business, be sure you’re using the correct 2020 version of the MutualCare® Solutions application. Click here to find out what changed.
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