Reward Clients with Fit Credits – Even on Term Insurance

Healthy Underwriting Credits Through Age 75

With United of Omaha, your clients can benefit from an underwriting credit program called Fit. With Fit, clients who have certain health conditions may be rewarded with medical and lifestyle credits, earning them a better rate class and lower premiums.

How United of Omaha does it different:
Unlike many competitor programs that only apply to permanent policies, the Fit program applies to term insurance.

The Fit program also has more generous qualifying ages. While most competitor programs only give credits through age 65 or 70, Fit allows credits for clients up to age 75.

How does this impact you?
It means you can offer your clients – even your older clients – the potential for a better rate class and a lower premium. It may be just what you need to help you save an otherwise unaffordable sale.

Give your clients the opportunity to benefit from the Fit Underwriting Program.
Quote them Term Life Answers.

Learn more about how the Fit program works.