Reward Your Clients for Healthy Lifestyles

Your clients don’t have to be Olympic-caliber athletes to qualify for the Fit Underwriting Program; they get credits for basic quality health maintenance.

It’s helpful to think of Fit like this – your clients are Fit when both they and and their family are physically and financially Fit. People who have positive factors in the Fit categories tend to have better mortality. So, on those cases that might be mildly or moderately rated, when individuals have positive health factors, we offer extra mortality credits.

Add Up the Savings
Consider a case where your client is able to save $150 in premiums per month by receiving a better underwriting class through the Fit Program. If that client lives for 30 years, he will have paid $54,000 less in premiums over his lifetime.

What makes the Fit Program unique?

  • It is NOT a table shave program
  • Clients as young as 18 years old can qualify
  • It applies to both permanent AND term policies

Watch this video or take a look at the Fit program overview flyer to learn how your clients can benefit from the Fit Underwriting Program.
Reward Your Clients for Healthy Lifestyles