Quick Tip: Quoting with MutualCare® Solutions Software

Scenario: You are running long-term care insurance quotes for a client using the Custom Solution plan with Mutual of Omaha. The MutualCare® Solutions software makes it easy… but you can’t quite get the quote to match a competitor’s.

“Why does it show ‘3.1’ years? I want an even 3 years.”

Quoting “apples to apples” – or as close as possible in today’s market – eliminates the need for an additional explanation, and makes the concept easier for your clients to understand.

Did You Know:
You can use the small down-arrow next to the Policy Limit field to select from numerous options:

Choose the “…” button instead and have access to even more options:

Best yet, you can simply TYPE the desired Policy Limit amount into the blank!

(Policy Limit options range from $50,000 to $500,000, in $500 increments)

If you don’t have the MutualCare® Solutions software, download it here.