Producer Documents Available on Genworth PRO Only – Starting 12/12/17

As part of our efforts to reduce cost and increase security, on December 12, 2017, long term care customer service will begin to discontinue mailing documents to producers.

Going forward, documents will be available electronically on Genworth PRO.

NOTE: In-Force Rate Action notifications will continue to be emailed or mailed to producers.

Additional information:

Question: I don’t currently use Genworth PRO. What types of information can be found on Genworth PRO?
Answer: Please refer to PRO for the following:

  • New Business tools
  • Status of pending business
  • Policy documents and details of inforce business
  • In-force illustrations/projections
  • Licensing information, including required training
  • Commissions statements
  • Product information, rates, sales material, tools and more

Question: What if I am unable to locate certain information?
Answer: Our Customer Service Center is available to assist you with locating and/or providing you with the information that you may need.

Question: Where do I go to register?
Answer: Go to and click on “Register” to get started.

For additional information and assistance please call Genworth’s Customer Service at 800-456-7766.
Producer Documents Available on Genworth PRO Only – Starting 12/12/17