Premium Change for SureBridge Prime DVH

After nearly three years of success in the Dental-Vision-Hearing market, the time has come to adjust pricing on the SureBridge Prime DVH product. This premium change will better position the product against rising costs and help ensure its continued success in the DVH space. Effective May 6, 2022, rates for SureBridge Prime DVH plans will be adjusted for new business and existing policies that have been in force for more than 12 months in the states of AL, AZ, CT, ID, IL, MN, NE, OK, and WY. Other states are expected to follow. We will notify you prior to future releases.

Even with this upcoming adjustment, we expect Prime DVH plans to remain very competitive in the Dental-Hearing-Vision product landscape. See how we stack-up against current competitors; view this DVH product comparison.

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Who does this change affect?

  • In the indicated states, customers with policies in force for at least 12 months will see their rate adjusted on their premium payment due on or after May 6, 2022 (based on their premium due date).
  • For policies in force fewer than twelve months, premium adjustment will occur on the first premium due date following their first policy anniversary.
  • New quotes and applications for Prime DVH will reflect the new rates on the POS tool starting May 6, 2022.

How is this being communicated to customers?

  • A letter is mailed between 30-60 days in advance (depending on the state) notifying the Prime DVH customer of the rate change, when it will take effect and the increase amount.
  • The first round of letters will be mailed this week in the state of AZ for plans that have been in force for at least 12 months. The new rate will take effect May 6.

What is the premium change?

  • Increases will vary by state, but generally range from 10-28%.

Will this change affect plan benefits or commissions?

  • There are no changes to Prime DVH plan benefits.
  • There are no changes to commission. Commissions are structured as a percentage of premium and those percentages will remain the same.

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