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Tools and resources

Wondering how much LTC could cost your clients?
Check out the LTC Cost of Care map provided by OneAmerica. This site will allow you to estimate what care could cost on an annual, monthly or daily basis in your client’s individual state. Know the cost difference between informal, home, assisted living and nursing home care. Compare costs to the national average and view how inflation can affect the cost in future years. Utilize the cost of care map by visiting, then reach out to your Regional Sales Director with any questions. *Site and data owned by HealthView Services
Annuity Care and Annuity Care II COB updates
Last year we made pricing updates to the Continuation of Benefit (COB) options on Annuity Care and Annuity Care II in certain approved states. On April 24, the same updates went into effect in additional states:

  • Annuity Care — Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi and Washington, D.C.
  • Annuity Care II — Idaho

Please review the announcement for all the details.
Enhancing the client experience with LTCG
Our Care Solutions interview vendor, LTCG, will soon make it even easier for clients to schedule interviews online, and OneAmerica is the first company to utilize this new option. Currently, LTCG uses emails (when an email address is provided) to reach out to clients for interview scheduling online. Starting May 1, they will add texting to this process for OneAmerica customers, when a cell phone number is provided, offering clients another option for how to schedule their LTCG interview online. Online scheduling is the fastest, most convenient way for a client to schedule their interview!

Compliance notices

Attention Rhode Island: Best interest is here!
Rhode Island has updated the requirements around best interest and suitability in annuity transactions. New training courses will be required to be able to submit applications for any annuity products, including Asset Care annuity funding whole life. The changes for Rhode Island went into effect April 1, 2021. Producers selling any annuity products, including Asset Care Annuity funding whole life in Rhode Island, must take these new training courses to sell these products. These courses can be taken using your usual training platform or Existing producers have until July 1, 2021, to update their training, and new producers must take the new Best Interest Annuity Suitability four-hour training before solicitation of applications. An email was sent on April 9 to those affected by these changes.

The new Best Interest Consumer Suitability Due Diligence Questionnaire I-22733(BI) and the Producer Compensation Disclosure for Annuities form (I-34191) will not be available in eApp until May 1, 2021. The original suitability questionnaire will be accepted until the new one is available. Note: States who have approved include Arkansas, Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, and Rhode Island.
New Best Interest Annuity Suitability Policies and Procedures Producers’ Guide for Rhode Island
A new version of the Producers’ Guide has been created to align with the 2020 Best Interest revisions of the NAIC Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation. These changes go in effect Dec. 29, for Arkansas and Michigan and April 1, for Rhode Island. The prior version of the Producers’ Guide will remain in effect for those states that have not yet adopted the revised Best Interest requirements. Review the new Best Interest Annuity Suitability Policies and Procedures Producers’ Guide here. All other states will continue using the original producers’ guide. Note: States previously approved include Arizona and Iowa.

Operations updates

Reminder: Grace period in place to assist policyholders receiving late billing statements
We have become aware that due to pandemic and weather-related mailing delays, some policyholders are receiving their premium notices very close to the payment due date. The attached stuffer has been added to all client billing statements to help educate on our grace period and other practices. We continue to monitor the USPS situation and identify process improvements to mitigate some of these challenges.