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Coming in July: Updated Asset Care®

By Jan. 1, 2020, all issuers of life insurance are required to reprice their products according to the 2017 CSO mortality tables. OneAmerica® has updated the benefits and pricing within our whole-life based Asset Care® product suite, and we will be launching a new product in July!

Asset Care is still the same great product with the same great benefit guarantees — we’ve just simplified and enhanced the product, improved consistency while maintaining flexibility, and added options that our distribution partners have asked for over the years.
Joint coverage and lifetime benefits are still available!

Some more highlihghts:

  • Our new Asset Care Annuity Funding Whole Life option is an SPDA with income rider, and rider withdrawals start at issue. It funds a 10-pay (level DB), with COB also payable from the annuity. Compensation is paid on life policy and riders only. The annuity is no longer used for LTC claims, and there is no ROP (simply cash surrender value associated with each policy).
  • The Return of Premium (ROP) option is only available on Single Premium Whole Life with full ROP on life, AOB and COB; ROP has 50-month acceleration option and optional 50-month COB (no lifetime COB); and there is no ROP for IPR, if elected.
  • Our new inflation options are 3% or 5%, compound interest only. We offer either a limited duration inflation (20 years) or lifetime.

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What you need to plan for today

NEW!State approvals
The Asset Care Product Launch and Advertising Approval tracking spreadsheet shows the most current state availability information. After the initial launch, you may continue to sell the current product in states where the new product has not launched.

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