Important Announcement | Reminder: LTC Rate Refresh & Benefit Changes In 5 States 11/1

Mutual of Omaha

Important Update

LTC Rate Refresh Transition Rule Best Practices

Reminder: Mutual of Omaha’s LTCi new business rate refresh and benefit changes will be taking effect in Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on November 1, 2020.

We want to reinforce how important it is to take note of our transition rules as they were outlined:

  • Old applications signed after October 31, 2020, will not be accepted.
  • Old applications signed by October 31 but received by Mutual of Omaha after November 13, 2020, will not be accepted.
  • In both both scenarios, new applications would be required, and new rates and benefits options would apply. No exceptions will be made.

NOTE: Pennsylvania is a pre-appointment state. Please check to ensure agent licensing, CE and LTC certifications are in-place and current.

For the full announcement, including actions deemed unacceptable during the application process, click below:

LTC Rate Refresh Transition Rule Best Practices


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