“Older Americans want to work — so why aren’t they?”

“Older Americans want to work — so why aren’t they?,” by Jacob Passy, MarketWatch

“If given the choice, many older Americans would be willing to return to work. Roughly two in five retirees said they would be open to going back to work if they could find a similar job in terms of pay, responsibilities and hours worked as their last one, according to a new working paper distributed by National Bureau of Economic Research. And yet despite this willingness to continue working, two-thirds of older Americans go straight into full retirement, according to a separate report released in June. At the same time, the average retirement age is rising. . . . Working later in life doesn’t just help make ends meet where finances are concerned — it’s also good for people’s health. Going straight into full retirement sparked a 15% to 16% increase in mobility issues and a 6% to 9% decrease in mental health in the six years following retirement, according a previous study distributed by the National Bureau of Economic Research.”

LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):

Maybe people sense retirement, like a fall, can signal the beginning of the end.

Older Americans want to work — so why aren’t they?