Now Available: New Underwriting Guide

A new April 2018 version of the United of Omaha Life Underwriting Guidelines booklet is now available.

The April 2018 version has been updated with the new Senior Assessment underwriting requirement that was announced recently. As a reminder, the new Senior Assessment requirement, which will assess a client’s cognitive ability, memory functions, mobility testing and ability to perform Activities of Daily Living, is required beginning April 1, 2018 for:

  • Ages: 66 and over
  • Face Amounts: $500,000 and over
  • Products: All fully underwritten life products (IUL, GUL, AccumUL, TLA)

The new underwriting guide can be ordered through your normal ordering channels, and previewed here:

View the Life Underwriting Guidelines pdf (form number 365105)

Now Available: New Underwriting Guide


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