November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month

November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month

Americans are living longer, and the odds of needing some form of Long-Term Care continues to rise. Many people are not incorporating LTC solutions into their financial plans. When those needs do occur, it’s typically too late to get traditional LTC coverage.

Cary Carney, GILICO’s National Sales Director, has seen this first hand. “My mother and three siblings are unfortunate carriers of the debilitating disease CADASIL. We weren’t aware of this until several years ago when a few of them started experiencing related symptoms. Obtaining LTC coverage in their 40’s was not something any of us had even considered. My mother and one sibling are currently in a care facility while my two other siblings will require care in the coming years. NOBODY is ‘too young’ for Long-Term Care.

Long-Term Care Awareness Month is a great time to talk to your clients about LTC. It’s reassuring to know that there are asset-based LTC solutions available for individuals facing this growing concern. Keep GILICO’s AnnuiCare® options in mind when incorporating LTC solutions into your clients’ financial plans.

GILICO’s AnnuiCare® Fast Facts

$9 million in new premium Year-to-Date

Average case size is just over $85k

67 new LTC claims so far this year

AnnuiCare® top sellers

  • AnnuiCare® 10 (flex rate) for ages 79 and under

  • AnnuiCare® 6 (guaranteed rate) for ages 80+

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