NGL EssentialLTC StrateCision Update

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EssentialLTC Update

EssentialLTC in StrateCision
The enhanced version of EssentialLTC has been approved for use in StrateCision’s programs.
VitalLTC updates coming soon
We are still testing the VitalLTC updates. You will be notified when the updates are complete.
NGL-1035-Exchange-Flyer-image1035 Exchange Flyer
Don’t forget that you can fund EssentialLTC by a tax-free 1035 Exchange. Click here to download the 1035 Exchange Flyer. It gives you valuable background information on 1035 Exchanges, reasons for doing them and it shows how NGL’s EssentialLTC can be funded with a 1035 Exchange.

You can also reference the Agent Guide for a full breakdown of 1035 Exchange requirements. The flyer and Agent Guide can be found on the Agent Resource Center alongside many other EssentialLTC training and marketing materials.

For agent inquiries, contact your dedicated Agent Services Team at 888.505.2332 or For sales questions contact the Long-Term Care Sales Team at

NGL EssentialLTC StrateCision Update

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