NGL Email Confirmation for Faxes

We have great news for agents who fax in corrections for new business applications or other policy-related documents to fax number 608.443.5368. People faxing requests will now receive a convenient email confirmation as a fax receipt!

Emailed confirmations will be generated between 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST, Monday – Friday, and will be sent within two hours of receipt of the fax.

Is your email address accurate? Take a minute to review your listed email address in your user profile at

Please keep in mind if the application is being faxed a second time:

  • Please check “yes” on the fax cover page to indicate that it has been faxed before; and
  • Fax to the 608.443.5368 number
  • If you receive two confirmation emails, that means NGL has received the paperwork twice
  • Please call in to your dedicated customer service line to help eliminate a potential duplicate policy from being issued (and prevent a double-draw on the account)