New! Text message notifications for SecureCare tele-interview

We are excited to announce an enhancement to the SecureCare Universal Life underwriting process: Beginning June 1, clients can receive text message notifications directing them to schedule their tele-interview.

The tele-interview itself will still need to be completed over the phone, but the texts can be helpful reminders that a tele-interview is needed, making it easier to schedule an assessment and get in touch with an interviewer.

How will this work?

LTCG will still contact customers the same amount of times they do today, however, a contact attempt will now be defined as either a phone call or text message. If a customer does not provide a cell phone number on their application, the text messages will be replaced by phone call attempts.

  • First contact: The day after a tele-interview order is opened at LTCG, the customer will receive a text message directing them to schedule their tele-interview via our online portal or by calling an assessment services representative directly. If an email address was provided on the application, the customer will also receive an online scheduling email.
  • Second contact: If the customer does not schedule their tele-interview within 24 hours, they will receive a reminder text and/or email.
  • Third and fourth contacts: A phone call is made with online scheduling information left in a voicemail as applicable.
  • Fifth contact: The customer will receive a final text message notifying them that multiple contact attempts have been made and directing them to schedule their tele-interview or contact their agent if they’ve chosen to withdraw their application.

We have updated our marketing materials to reflect this change:

If you have questions, please contact the Securian Team at 833-365-0329.

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