New Medicare ID numbers | Welcome calls | Preferred pharmacies

New welcome/onboarding calls help members engage with their plan early

Did you know? All 2019 Allina Health | Aetna Medicare members now receive a welcome call from an onboarding representative after they enroll. During the call, we review the member’s provider network, formulary medications, pharmacy network, and 2019 plan benefits. To learn more about what members can expect after they enroll, just visit

New CMS Medicare ID numbers are here

Make sure all your enrollment applications are processed efficiently, without delays, by including your clients’ new Medicare number. The Medicare number is a CMS-assigned number that can be found on your client’s new Medicare card. You’ll need to copy this number exactly as it appears.

What does the new Medicare ID number look like?

Preferred pharmacies can help members save money

Members can save money when they fill prescriptions at one of over 18,500 preferred pharmacy locations nationwide.

This month, many members are receiving a letter illustrating how much they could save at a preferred pharmacy. The letter will be sent to those who have a preferred pharmacy benefit that used a standard pharmacy (non-preferred) pharmacy to fill certain prescriptions in January. The letter outlines:

  • How much money the member can save in 2019, by using a preferred pharmacy for the drugs they’ve already filled.
  • Up to three preferred pharmacies near the member’s residence.
  • How to take advantage of preferred prices through mail order delivery

Here’s an excerpt from the letter. The highlighted items will be customized for each member.

Aetna Preferred Pharmacy image


New Medicare ID numbers | Welcome calls | Preferred pharmacies