New Marketing Campaign: ​​​​​​​Prepare for What’s Next

OneAmerica: Prepare for What's Next

New Campaign: Prepare for What’s Next
The new multimedia marketing campaign for Care Solutions is ready for you to share!

The assets in this campaign will help you share content with producers or clients, flexibly aligning with your marketing strategy.
Protection for Life animationProtection for Life
Six digital assets illustrate what makes OneAmerica different in the long-term care marketplace.

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Protection for Life photosA Promise for a Lifetime
This set has story-based photos, emotional videos, and engaging texting videos. The assets portray common long-term care situations, helping you connect with clients on a more personal level.

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Protection for Life animationPreparing for What’s Next
This guide explains how to best leverage the campaign’s digital content to help drive traffic, leads, and sales with your audiences.

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Protection for Life photosNew Sales Ideas
Four new sales ideas will help you position Care Solutions products to potential clients.

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