New for the Worksite – Pay List Bills Online

Great news! Effective November 17, your worksite clients will be able to retrieve, reconcile, and pay their list bills online – all in one convenient location!

Thanks to several new enhancements to our online billing system, it’s easier than ever for Administrators to manage their LTC, Accident, and Hospital Recovery worksite groups. They can now:

  • Pay online by credit card, EFT, or check*
  • Make payment adjustments and other billing changes all online

Note: Admins must reconcile each monthly bill in the Worksite Administrators portal to ensure that the correct and appropriate payment is submitted/applied for each employee. More information on these changes can be found in our Administration Guide for List Bills and the Worksite Administrator Portal.

* If paying by check, the Administrator will enter the check number online and mail the paper check to LifeSecure.

New for the Worksite – Pay List Bills Online