New DVH Product & POS Tool Update

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SureBridge Products Releasing on Friday, July 19

Prime DVH — DC, KY, OH, TX
With the release of the Prime DVH and the new 2019 application, the following updates will be made to the POS Tool:

  • Accident Disability Direct Changes
    • All Benefit Levels will now be considered as Guaranteed Issue (GI); subject to eligibility questions such as citizenship, occupation, and salary.
    • All Elimination Periods and Duration options will now be available under all Benefit Levels.
    • Simplified Issue (SI) commission levels will be paid for all Benefit Levels.
  • The Citizenship Question on the application has been revised to allow the selection of DACA (Deferred Action Childhood Arrival) Recipient.”

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SureBridge Products Releasing on Friday, July 19