New Contracting Forms for Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha Producer Services Department has made the decision to change our background check vendor to Business Information Group, Inc.

Updates have been made to our contracts as well as to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Please note, this is not a version change, this is a change that reflects the new background vendor, as well as requirements shown here:

Contract Information and Signature Form – Producer Information Section 1

  • Middle Name Required – if not applicable, a check box has been added to the producer information name section
  • We encourage the producer to complete this as it will expedite and streamline the background process. This will also assist our vendor in filtering through common names, as more states are redacting Date of Birth and Social Security Numbers
  • Contracts will not be sent back as “not in good order” if the middle name is left blank or the box is not checked

Fair Credit Reporting Act form

  • The only thing that has changed within the 3 pages of the FCRA is the background vendor name and address listed on the California disclosure. This has been replaced to reflect our new background vendor, Business Information Group, Inc.’s name, address and phone number
  • A 05/2022 date has been added to the footer of all 3 pages of the FCRA form. If the FCRA has a date of 05/2022, this is how the Producer Services team will identify and know to order the background through the new vendor
  • All 3 pages of the FCRA must be presented to the producer during the contracting process. Only the authorization form with the signature is required to be returned (this signature page must have the 05/2022 footer to be accepted)

Any contract received requiring a signed FCRA with no 05/2022 footer and the old vendor name, General Information Services, after June 17, 2022 will be returned. Starting June 18, 2022, all updated contracts and FCRA must be used, please begin using the updated contracts and FCRA now, by clicking here.

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New Contracting Forms for Mutual of Omaha