New Asset Care Campaign Launching July 15

OneAmerica: New AssetCare Campaign Materials Available

Bringing compelling stories to the long-term care marketplace

Today we are making a new Asset Care campaign available. This campaign was designed with your feedback to create stories that you can use in sales situations. This campaign will help you tell the Asset Care story from four different personal points of view.

Andy & Becky   Lisa's story  

Andy & Becky’s story highlights how Asset Care Single Premium Whole Life can fit into the plans for this busy professional couple as they near retirement.


Lisa’s story highlights how Asset Care with Return of Premium can help cover long-term care needs for a single retiree and offer options to support her favorite charity with the death benefit.

Michael's story   Thorpe's story  

Michael’s story highlights how a younger person can plan for future long-term care needs early with Asset Care Recurring Premium Whole Life.


Thorpe’s story highlights how caring for an ailing parent without long-term care protection highlighted an opportunity for Single Premium Annuity Funding Whole Life to fit into his retirement strategy.


These stories can be delivered using the simple and manageable tools we’ve created for you.

As always, you can access the campaign materials by visiting where you will find a full overview of the campaign and all the assets within it.

We’re so excited to deliver these stories that will help you connect on a personal level with the individuals and families you work with!

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