MutualCare Solutions Portfolio (LTC13) E-App Enhancements

Effective October 12, 2019, MutualCare Solutions (LTC13) applications submitted using the e-application platform through Paperless Solutions Group will now feature an automatic submit process after both the producer and client have signed.

During the email signature process

  1. If the client signs first, an email will be sent to the producer and marketer that the client signatures are complete. The producer will then need to sign the application and once complete, the application will automatically submit
  2. If the producer signs first, an email will be sent to the client to complete their signature. Once the client signs the application, it will be automatically be submitted for processing.

In both instances above, the producer and marketer will get an email stating the client has signed the application.

NOTE: If you back office is involved, the application will be automatically submitted to the back office for review. Once the review is complete, they will need to click “Submit” when the application is ready for submission.

With this new enhancement, the producer no longer needs to click the “submit” button to formally submit the application in to the system.
If you have questions, contact Mutual of Omaha’s Sales Support at (800) 693-6083 or e-mail

MutualCare Solutions Portfolio (LTC13) E-App Enhancements