“Alzheimer’s Care Puts Financial Strain On Family Members,” by Cara Rosner, Hartford Courant

“Medicaid, not Medicare, typically reimburses some of the cost of custodial care for those who can’t afford long-term care insurance, she said, and someone must ‘basically become a pauper to get on Medicaid. Is that how we want to treat people in this country?”

LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):
More mindless media on Medicaid.  Eligibility for Medicaid has nothing to do with the ability to afford LTCI.  People don’t buy LTCI when they’re young enough to afford it and qualify healthwise because for the last 50 years their elders have been able to ignore the risk, avoid the premiums, count on Medicaid if and only if they need it, and still pass on most of their estates to the same heirs who now, for some unknown reason, are in denial about insuring LTC for themselves.  You get what you pay for and Medicaid paid for generations of denial about long-term care.

Alzheimer’s Care Puts Financial Strain On Family Members