Medicare Supplement Plans and Third Party Payments

Medicare Supplement Plans and Third Party Payments

As of October 1, 2019, Humana will not accept premium payments received from third parties on behalf of our individual customers for Medicare Supplement policies or products, except in specific circumstances and as required by state and/or federal law. Premium payments will only be accepted from third parties on behalf of individual customers as required by law or in specific circumstances, such as:

  1. A Group Association, or Company that is providing retiree benefits via a health reimbursement account or that meets Humana’s requirements to be list billed;
  2. A Family Member of the policyholder;
  3. A Power of Attorney;
  4. An Indian tribe, tribal organization, or urban Indian organizations; or
  5. A State or Federal government program

The policyholder submitting the application or payment will be notified of the reason for the decline with a Third Party Payer Notice.

If it is determined that a third party payer has begun paying premiums for current policyholders, Humana will accept only the initial payment from the third party and notify the policyholder that these payments will no longer be accepted. If the future premiums due are not paid by the policyholder of a third party payer as noted above, the policy will terminate coverage at the end of the period for which premiums were paid.

Current Medicare Supplement policyholders with a third party payer and policy issued prior to 10/01/2019 shall be exempt from this policy, as long as the policy remains in effect.

Please contact the Humana Agent Support Unit (ASU) at or 1-800-309-3163 with any questions.

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Medicare Supplement Plans and Third Party Payments