Medicare Solutions – Omaha Family of Companies

Medicare Supplement:

Upcoming Rate Adjustment- KY and NM
Review upcoming rate adjustment for the states of Kentucky and New Mexico.

Sales Support Assistance During AEP
Our Sales Support Team is here to assist you in climbing to the top, during the Annual Enrollment Period.


Dental Rate Adjustment and Multi-Policy Discount
Effective 11/1/20 our dental products in DE, FL, KS and VT will have a 10% rate reduction on our DNT5 product and 15% multi-policy discount when either DNT2 or DNT5 is written with our Med supp policy! Just one more reason to smile!
Dental Insurance Product Release-Virginia
Great news! You may begin selling Mutual of Omaha’s dental products in Virginia, effective October 23, 2020.

Prescription Drug Plans:

Submission of PDP Enrollment Applications
A few reminders on PDP Enrollment application submission, to avoid processing delays.