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Medicare Supplement:

Upcoming Rate Adjustments
View upcoming rate adjustments for AZ, IL, MO, MT, ND, NE, NM, VA, VT.
Brokerage Health Webinar Series: Meet the Home Office Underwriters
Join underwriters Tim Lake and Bee Wagoner as they go over enhancements to our underwriting process, as well as tips to help you have a successful AEP.
New Med Supp Customer Resource: Mutual Cares
Staying connected is so important, now, more than ever. Mutual of Omaha has created a new resource hub, Mutual Cares. This hub is full of valuable resources to help your clients live their best lives.


Dental Rate Reduction and Multi-Policy Discount Release
Additional states have approved our rate reductions, as well as multi-policy discount! The multi-policy discount is just one more reason why Medicare supplement and Dental policies belong together!

Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans:

PDP e-Application Enrollment Guide Available
Enrolling your clients in Mutual of Omaha Rx Prescription Drug Plans are now easier than ever. We have provided a comprehensive guide, to assist you with our PDP e-Application.
AEP Guidelines Reminder
When you work with a client who will be disenrolling from their current Medicare Advantage plan and want to return to a Medicare supplement policy, follow these guidelines, for a smooth and successful transition.