Medical Underwriting Changes Enhance Eligibility

We are constantly striving to enhance our guidelines to make them work for your clients. We’ve made changes to the medical underwriting guidelines to enhance eligibility requirements on specific health conditions and added policy owner services contact information.

Effective immediately, the following medical underwriting guidelines have been changed in order to help more clients qualify for essential paycheck protection.

Enhancements Detail
Attention Deficit Disorder/ADD/ADHD Clients can apply for coverage after 3 months of diagnosis instead of 1 year
Anxiety/Depression The waiting period for applicants is reduced to 6 months from diagnosis, and our monthly benefit maximums have increased
Chiropractic Care Additional clarity regarding potential underwriting outcomes
Hypertension The waiting period for applicants after diagnosis has been removed. Medical records are no longer required on all cases, and only ordered at underwriter discretion

To see a detailed list of all changes, please check page 76 of the underwriting guide.

We believe these changes will enhance your ability to market the DI Choice portfolio to potential clients.

An updated copy of the Product and Underwriting Guide is available now for immediate download on Sales Professional access or for ordering via your normal ordering channel.
Medical Underwriting Changes Enhance Eligibility