“Medicaid Long-Term Care: Future And Current Retirees Need To Prepare”

Medicaid Long-Term Care: Future And Current Retirees Need To Prepare,” by Ilana Gertsen and Rachel Mahoney, The Street

“Experts agree enrolling in Medicaid can be a long process, so don’t wait until it’s absolutely necessary to begin the process. It’s not uncommon for people to wait so long to apply that it will, sadly, make their life much more difficult. … While the Medicaid long-term care program is designed to help people who might be struggling to pay for those vital services, if someone is planning to enroll in Medicaid for long-term care then meeting with an elder law attorney or Medicaid planner is a good idea to ensure all documentation is up to date and correct.”

LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

If one percent of the media coverage dedicated to helping people qualify for Medicaid late in life were focused instead on the importance of planning early for LTC risk and cost, everyone would be better off. To make sense of what ails LTC, read the Paragon Health Institute’s “Long-Term Care: The Problem” and “Long-Term Care: The Solution” and watch this “virtual LTC event” featuring age wave visionary Ken Dychtwald and leading LTC researchers.