MedAmerica Exits the Market… What’s Next?


With MedAmerica exiting the LTC Insurance Market, what are you planning to do next?

With this line of business being so incredibly important in planning for your clients’ financial futures, consider appointing with Mutual of Omaha.

Mutual of Omaha Highlights:

  • Strong Financial Ratings: A.M. Best affirmed our A+ (Superior) rating 12/2015.
  • MedAmerica’s old Cash policies were extremely attractive: Mutual of Omaha’s Custom Solution plan has a built-in 40% First-Day Cash Benefit for informal care.
  • The Custom Solution plan has some of the greatest flexibility in LTC, including:
    • 1% to 5% Compound Inflation with Guaranteed Buy-Up
    • 200% Professional HHC Option
    • Security Benefit (Pays benefits to Uninsured Partner)
  • Currently the largest writer of long-term care insurance (brokerage).
  • Rich, 100+ year history in the insurance industry!

In fact, Mutual of Omaha’s Custom Solution plan is among a select few included in GoldenCare’s Perfect Portfolio.
For more information on Mutual of Omaha and their LTC insurance, click here.

Plus, our 3-in-1 Promotion is another compelling reason to sell Mutual of Omaha’s LTC: You could walk away with the keys to a New Ford Mustang!

Click Here to add Mutual of Omaha’s LTC to your appointments.
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